Inspiring fundraising for thoracic cancers

Are you inspired to raise funds for lung cancer & mesothelioma clinical research?

We can help you by providing the web platform to manage the donation payments, receipts and assist with advertising your fundraising campaign.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

Just follow these steps to create your fundraising campaign

  1. Plan your event, challenge or personal donation campaign.
  2. Inform us at so we can set up your campaign. Money will go directly to TOGA donations account, with receipts administered from TOGA.
  3. Personalise your fundraising campaign page. It’s a good idea to share why you’re particularly motivated to raise funds for lung cancer or mesothelioma research.
  4. Invite your donors to make a donation.
  5. Thank your donors.

Stuck for ideas on how to raise funds for thoracic cancer research??

Host an event where each attendee makes a minimum donation to attend. Trivia nights, a wine tasting tour, a dinner party or BBQ, a morning tea, a karaoke night, a scavenger hunt, a dog walk, a music gig, a comedy night, host a bushwalk….the only limit is your imagination

Undertake a personal challenge and collect sponsors. Join #TeamTOGA in various running events, complete 1000 push ups in a month, master the habit of 30 burpees/day and fine yourself $1 for each burpee you don’t complete, choose your favourite form of exercise and up the ante by pledging to complete a certain distance or time, give up sugar for a month.

Involve the family. Create a swear jar, host a garage sale and donate the money taken, provide a neighbourhood car wash, celebrate your next special occasion by requesting donations for lung cancer or mesothelioma research in lieu of gifts.


Fundraising leaderboard

Claire raises money for lung cancer research

With permission, we will publish our leading fundraiser and their campaign each month to celebrate their commitment to the thoracic cancer community. This month’s most successful fundraiser is Claire Monk, who has raised over $30,000 for lung cancer research through harnessing individual donations from her personal network. Claire was motivated to raise funds for lung cancer research after a devastating diagnosis within her close circle. Claire will compete in the Port Macquarie Ironman on May 1st.

You can donate to Claire’s campaign here

We wish Claire luck with her Ironman, our thoughts are with her partner Woody during his challenging lung cancer diagnosis, and we thank them both and all their donors for the money they have raised for lung cancer clinical research.


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