Funding opportunities

Below is a list of funding opportunities that may be relevant for thoracic cancer research, including basic scientific research. Please read the funding guidelines to determine if your research proposal is eligible and that you meet other eligibility requirements.

Any TOGA member can apply for TOGA endorsement of their thoracic cancer research proposal, taking advantage of peer- and consumer-review by TOGA working groups in the following areas:

  1. Early non small cell lung cancer
  2. Advanced non small cell lung cancer
  3. Small cell lung cancer/mesothelioma
  4. Supportive and palliative care
  5. Translational research

TOGA endorsement offers the following benefits:

  • Use of TOGA logo or TOGA acknowledgment on all applications, presentations and publications
  • Membership mailouts to assist with recruitment
  • Listing of trial on the TOGA website
  • Updates presented at Scientific Committee or other TOGA meetings (time permitting)

Further information is available in the TOGA Endorsement Policy.

The next deadline for submission of concepts for peer- and consumer review and application for endorsement will be posted on social media and circulated in a members’ newsletter. Send concepts at any time to

If you know of additional funding opportunities that we can list, please contact

Grant NameResearch fundedGrant open dateClose dateMax fundingDurationApplication requirements
IASLC/Novocure Tumor Treating Fields Research GrantsThe International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)/Novocure Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) Research Grants Program is a joint effort to promote and support innovative research on the use of TTFields in the treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies.July 17 (noon MDT)October 9 (noon MDT)$100,0002 yearsThrough IASLC portal
LCFA/BMS/IASLC Disparities in Clinical Oncology Translational Research Grants LCFA, BMS, and IASLC are committed to advancing innovative lung cancer research with a focus on early detection and treatment to transformative protocols. However, we recognize that not all Young Investigators are represented by the traditional comprehensive cancer research centers which typically make up the NCI pipeline of funding. With these Disparities in Clinical Oncology Research Grants, we aim to fund Young Investigators whose work can directly benefit under-represented populations served by their institutions.July 17 (noon MDT)Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the peer review process by December 15, 2023 for Grant funding to start on or around April 1, 2024.2 grants of $200,0002 yearsThrough IASLC portal
GO6287 MRFF – Genomics Health Futures Mission – 2023 Genomics Health Futures Grant OpportunityTo improve testing and diagnosis for many diseases, help personalise treatment options to better
target and improve health outcomes, and reduce unnecessary interventions and associated health costs.
5 July 2023Minimum Data 1 November 2023
(17:00 ACT time)

Full application 29 November 2023 (17:00 ACT time)
$8 million5 yearsApplication form submitted through Sapphire
GO6114 MRFF Clinical Trials Activity Initiative – 2023 International Clinical Trial Collaborations Grant OpportunityApplications to this grant opportunity must propose a clinical trial in Australia in collaboration with international counterparts. The clinical trial should not have commenced recruitment at the Australian trial
01 March 2023Round 1

Minimum data 28 June 2023 (17:00 ACT time)
Full Application 26 July 2023 (17:00 ACT time)

Round 2

Minimum data 06 December 2023 (17:00 ACT time)
Full Application 7 February 2024 (17:00 ACT time)
$3 Million5 years

Entirety of funds to be provided in 2023-2024 but can be expended across the grant period 2023-2028
Application form submitted through Sapphire
GO6361 NHMRC-EU Collaborative Research Grant Scheme 2024Projects involving Australian-based researchers chosen by the EU for funding may be eligible for NHMRC support. NHMRC is considering supporting Australian researchers for Horizon Europe submitted through the two-stage deadline model.12 July 202316 October 2024 (17:00 ACT time)$1 Million5 yearsApplication form submitted through Sapphire
GO5855 MRFF 2022 Frontier Health and Medical Research Grant OpportunityMedical research and medical innovation programs of research that deliver a ‘moonshot’ by creating a treatment for a currently serious and incurable health condition through a series of linked projects. The program of research can propose to develop novel health technologies and/or re-purpose existing health technologies in a novel way.

For the purposes of this grant opportunity, a ‘moonshot’ is defined as an ambitious, exploratory and ground-breaking program of research that utilises health technology to address a challenging clinical problem, and thereby aims to develop a novel treatment for, or means of prevention of, a current or predictable future serious and incurable health condition.
13/02/2023Full Application 31 March 2026 (17:00 ACT time)$25 million5 yearsTo apply, you must:

  • complete the online expression of interest/application form on

  • provide all the information requested

  • address all eligibility and relevant assessment criteria

  • include all necessary attachments

  • submit your expression of interest/full application by the closing date and time.

Should you be invited to proceed with a full application, there is a separate application process that is described on the website.