Clinical research in lung cancer and mesothelioma

The TOGA clinical trial and research program spans early and advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), small cell lung cancer (SCLC), mesothelioma, other thymic malignancies, supportive & palliative care and translational research. Successful collaborations for clinical trials have been established within Australia and in North America, Asia and Europe. TOGA has a long-standing collaboration with the National Health and Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Centre (NHMRC CTC) that has provided exemplary conduct of their clinical trials both locally, and internationally.

Research Development

TOGA seeks to endorse high-quality thoracic cancer clinical research to increase lung cancer research capacity, to provide peer-review to maximise feasibility and scientific merit and to maximise collaborations between the multiple disciplines involved in the treatment of thoracic cancers.

Endorsed proposals enable the use of the TOGA logo on research applications and TOGA will promote your research across their communications platforms where feasible.

Clinical research proposals are reviewed at working groups, which are conducted approximately four times per year. In advance of a working group meeting, TOGA will call for proposals via membership newsletters and social media. Following working group meetings, the TOGA Scientific Committee will approve endorsement of a research proposal.

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