Post-ASCO Recap

Post ASCO did an excellent job of showcasing what must’ve been a plethora of lung cancer studies presented at ASCO 2024. Here are a summary of the presentations from A/Prof Thomas John, A/Prof Jaclyn Yoong, and A/Prof Steven Kao.

The Inspirational Research Effect

Inspirational Grant Recipients

The process of how new cancer treatments become available and equitable for all Australians and how you can be part of the process to access new medicine.

Run with Team TOGA at City2Surf

Team TOGA is gearing up once again for the Sun Herald City2Surf. Join the team to run or walk Sydney’s iconic 14km course from the CBD to Bondi Beach on Sunday 11 August 2024.

TOGA’s Scientific Committee Meeting Recap – May 2024

This meeting provided a full slate with 9 concepts submitted. The concepts spanned the interest areas of every working group and we thank those who take their time to contribute to our peer- and consumer-review process in these groups.

Build a Winning Business Case for a Lung Cancer Nurse

Lung cancer remains a leading cause of death, and nurses specialising in this area play a critical role in patient care. However, securing funding for a new Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) position requires a persuasive business case.

How HeSANDA is Revolutionising Australian Medical Research

The HeSANDA information sharing process

How HeSANDA is Revolutionising Australian Medical Research Imagine a world where medical research doesn’t have to start from scratch. Imagine a treasure trove of valuable data readily available to answer new questions and fuel groundbreaking discoveries. This is the reality HeSANDA, the Health Studies Australian National Data Asset, is creating for Australian researchers. HeSANDA: More […]

Beyond the Myths: Unveiling the Truth About Clinical Trials for Lung Cancer

Doctor sitting with patient to discuss treatments

Have you been diagnosed with lung cancer and are overwhelmed by treatment options?

You might have come across the term “clinical trials” and are unsure if they’re the right path for you. Many misconceptions surround clinical trials, leaving you hesitant. But what if these trials could be the key to unlocking the best possible treatment for your specific condition?