OSCILLATE clinical trial information

Dataset Name: Phase 2 trial of alternating osimertinib with gefitinib in patients with EGFR-T790M mutation positive advanced non-small cell lung cancer
Author: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Thoracic Oncology Group Australasia
Funding: AstraZeneca
Date made available: 2024

Subject: Cancer therapy (excl. chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
Individual participant data
Patient sample size: 50

Dataset description: A total of 50 adults with advanced, EGFR mutated NSCLC, acquired resistance to first or second generation EGFR TKIs, and mutation of T790M were given Osimertinib 80mg daily for 8 weeks (2 cycles), then gefitinib 250mg daily for 4 weeks alternating with osimertinib 80mg daily for 4 weeks (i.e. alternating 4 weekly cycles of each drug) until disease progression or prohibitive toxicity. Patients were assessed before each cycle of osimertinib or gefitinib. CT chest, abdomen and pelvis (and brain if required) at baseline, week 8, then every 8 weeks until disease progression. Plasma collections at baseline and at the start of each 4-week cycle.

Requests for Data: Access can be requested via the Health Data Australia catalogue. Search for the ACTRN number in the catalogue to find datasets associated with this trial or email enquiries to info@thoraciconcology.org.au

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