Join #TeamTOGA in Sun-Herald City2Surf

17-24 October, 2021
Fundraise for lung cancer research
Complete 14km in your neighbourhood

TOGA is entering #TeamTOGA in the iconic Sun Herald City2Surf. Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, the event will be completed remotely by plotting and completing a 14km course in your own neighbourhood between 17-24 October, 2021. #TeamTOGA will raise awareness of and funds for the need for clinical trials and clinical research to save and benefit the lives of people living with lung cancer.

#TeamTOGA is open to any who is interested in entering the event and raising sponsorship money to donate to TOGA. Already included in #TeamTOGA are seasoned runners Professor Ben Solomon & Dr Malinda Itchins and many energetic walkers.

How do I participate?

Determine your 14 km course that keeps you within any COVID restriction-defined radius of your home. You can do this on Google maps by: 

  • clicking ‘larger image’ above, 
  • typing in your home address or the location you would like to start from 
  • right-clicking and selecting measure your distance, 
  • selecting your subsequent point.
You can register for the City2Surf TeamTOGA here
The entry fee is $39.00 and can be paid by credit card or Paypal. Your entry fee does not support TOGA.

How do I fundraise?

You can register as a fundraiser where you collect donations from friends and family for competing in the event or make a donation here.

You can upload a photo of yourself, personalise your donation message, and customise the page so it reflects you and your connection to thoracic cancers.

You will then need to circulate your page to your own network of family and friends to attract sponsorships. Social media and email links are provided on the platform. There’s even a QR code!

We know asking for money is hard, but explaining why the cause is important to you will let you friends and family see your passion and they will be encouraged to donate. They can donate via credit card or bank transaction. By using the platform, those that donate $2 and over automatically receive a receipt to enable them to claim a tax deduction. Alternatively, people may like to donate directly to TOGA here.

We also intend to organise fundraising for running events in other states in the future. Please contact us on if you would like to raise funds for TOGA in a running event in your home town.