An observational cohort study to assess the clinical impact of comprehensive genomic profiling in metastatic lung cancer patients


The ASPiRATION program is a pioneering partnership between government, industry and academia. The study is led by TOGA, in collaboration with Omico (Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre) and the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC). The program is supported by funding from the federal government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and Roche.

ASPiRATION is an observational cohort study, which will screen tumour tissue from 1000 people from anywhere in Australia with newly diagnosed metastatic (de-novo or recurrent) non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) using comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP).


What does participation involve?

To be eligible for ASPiRATION, patients require sufficient FFPE tumour material to conduct standard of care molecular profiling and concurrent comprehensive genomic profiling. A core biopsy sample is preferred. Fine needle aspiration and archival biopsies or lung resection specimen samples may be suitable in some cases.

Patients with actionable targets may be recommended for ASPiRATION clinical substudies, other clinical trials, or targeted treatments available outside a clinical trial.

How to enrol a patient on ASPiRATION

Patients can be referred for participation in the ASPiRATION study from anywhere in Australia, either


A general information sheet is available for patients to help explain ASPiRATION and the remote consent process.

An Information sheet for clinicians is available to provide more information on this process or hear this process described by Prof Nick Pavlakis in the accompanying video.

For further information, contact

Can a patient commence treatment whilst awaiting CGP results?

For patients with symptomatic or bulky disease, where it would be detrimental to delay treatment,  up to 2 cycles of
standard of care systemic therapy are allowed prior to commencing an ASPiRATION therapeutic substudy. Note that clinical trials than ASPiRATION substudies may not allow commencement of treatment prior to enrolment.


The ASPiRATION program is the first of its kind in Australia to generate high-quality, real-world data about the impact and value of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) in delivering precision medicine and personalised healthcare. Identifying actionable molecular targets through CGP provides patients with opportunities to receive novel targeted treatments via therapeutic substudies.


Molecular screening for ASPiRATION commenced in late 2020, with 17 hospitals throughout Australia open for screening.

Substudies are for first line patients are open for enrolment at selected sites.

Substudies for treatment-refractory patients are also open, regardless of whether the patient was initially screened through ASPiRATION.

For substudy enquiries, contact the NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre via