Have you ever met someone who defied the odds? Meet Angeline Low, a lung cancer survivor whose story is a testament to the power of research and resilience. Countless others are also battling this disease. But there is hope and the advancement of research.

With your help, we can fuel groundbreaking research in the Inspirational Research Grant, propelling us towards a future where lung cancer is defeated. Together, we have the power to make a real difference.

Inspirational Research Grant: The Power of Research

While lung cancer remains the deadliest cancer, less than 6% of research funding goes towards thoracic cancers. To bridge this gap, TOGA’s Inspirational Research Grant creates more opportunities for successful clinical trials, giving lung cancer and mesothelioma patients access to life-saving treatments and world-class care.

The Inspirational Research Grant has been created from philanthropic donations to increase research into prevention, treatment, or improved lives of those living with thoracic cancers. 

2024 is the first year the grants have been awarded, each worth AUD $50,000.

Hear from the 2024 recipients

Donate to TOGA today and help us fuel the fight against lung cancer. Together, let’s create a future where more research can be funded to discover new lung cancer treatment.

Angeline Low: The Power of Resilience

Angeline Low wasn’t your typical candidate for lung cancer. A busy corporate leader with a Ph.D., and an active member of various boards, Angeline embodied health and success.  A non-smoker with a clean family history, a nagging cough that lingered for years seemed like a pesky winter bug or hayfever, or perhaps a travel cough. Treated with antibiotics and dismissed as minor annoyances, these coughs masked a hidden battle brewing inside Angeline. In January 2019, a routine health check surprised even Angeline. “They told me I had the heart of a teenager!” and “above average lung functions” she laughs.
Later diagnosed with the EGFR Exon 19 mutation deletion, a common culprit in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), Angeline’s life took a sharp turn. Treatment began by mid-June, and brought on a grueling gauntlet of side effects. But Angeline is a fighter. Throughout the ordeal, she found strength in her family, and her husband as her carer. Her medical team of specialist doctors and oncologists were described as “very kind’ and gave her the support she required.   “Empowerment through education,” that’s Angeline’s mantra now. She wants to teach others to advocate for their own health. Angeline’s story is a testament to the power of research, resilience, and the unwavering support that can help patients fight back. As Angeline inspires others, we at TOGA believe in the power of research to save lives. Read more about Angeline’s story

Donate to TOGA today and help us fuel the fight against lung cancer. Together, let’s create a future where more stories like Angeline’s end with hope and a second chance.